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Disc Golf at WCCPR

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About Disc Golf at WCCPR

Clark County is home to three disc golf courses managed by WCCPR. Ironworks Disc Golf Course is an 18 hole course, Lykins Creek is a 9 hole course (play twice for 18 holes), and Wiseman Run is a 6 hole course (play three times for 18 holes). For course info, use the UDisc app or check out individual pages per course here. For league info, contact Lewis Willian at

   or                859-749-6666


What is Disc Golf? 

Don't know how to play disc golf? No problem! Check out this video for a quick introduction! ​

What are the Rules?

Need a quick run-down of the rules? Check out this video to help!

How do I keep score? 


UDisc is the an app designed for finding, playing, scoring and sharing disc golf play! 

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