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Aquatic Fitness

Water Fitness - Morning classes meet in the warm-water pool for a work-out suitable for all ages and abilities. 

MEETS: MON-FRI 8:45AM - 10:00AM

Aqua Blast – A high-intensity workout that is designed to increase the heart rate and strengthen the body. The class will include cardio, strength training, and core work.


Master's Swim

The Sailfish Master Swim team is a group of adults (18+) who swim 3x/week for both fitness and training.  The goals of the group are varied; some are simply looking to gain mastery of all four strokes while some are looking to race competitively in meets and triathlon events.  Cost is $35/month for WCCPR members, $45/month for nonmembers.  Contact Coach Kevin at with inquiries.

Masters Swim
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