Special Events

Gingerbread House Party 


When the weather outside if frightful, come to the College Park Gym! Celebrate the holidays by builiding your very own gingerbread house! This annual event is a child and family favorite.

2018 Event Date: December 15th

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt 


Have fun hunting Easter eggs with a spin...underwater! This unique event is held each year for youth ages 14 and under at the College Park Gym. Check out the event for yourself by viewing the pictures in the gallery below.

2019 Event Date: Coming Soon!



Bicycle Rodeo


Learn about bicycle safety at our annual Bicycle Rodeo. Thanks to the Elks Lodge for their support and helping us to have a great day of games, ice cream, and awesome giveaways! View the gallery below for some photos of the fun-filled day.



2018 Event Date: JULY 21st

Haunted House/ Haunted Swamp 


Come spend a scary Halloween at the College Park Gym. The facility is completely transformed into a haunted house and haunted swamp. All those who dare, better beware! Thanks to Roni and Thom Brown and New Horizons Diving for their help!


2018 Event Date: OCTOBER 19th and 20th


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