Daily Facility Fees & Age Brackets

Children under 3                       FREE

Youth (Ages 17 and 3-17 years)   $4.50

Adult (Ages 18-59)                        $5.50

Senior (Ages 60+)                         $4.50 

Veterans                                        $3.50

Special Needs                               $2.50

Value Cards

The Value Card offers 20 visits at a discounted rate. This card is the responsibility of the owner. 


Adult                       $90

Youth/Senior           $70


Annual Facility Passes 

Youth                   $360

Adult                    $450  

Senior                  $360  

Family*                 $600  

Couple*                $540  

Senior Couple***  $450  

*To qualify for a Family Membership, family members must reside in the same household.

**To qualify for a Couple Membership both individuals must reside in the same household.

***To qualify for a Senior Couple Membership both individuals must be 60+ years of age and reside in the same household.


Scholarships are available. When ready to apply, please visit us with proof of all current household income. Approved scholarships will provide 50% off membership rates.


A 30% discount is available on annual facility passes to all veterans. 

Note: The Winchester-Clark County Parks & Recreation staff have the right to request varification of address. If fraudulent information is provided, Winchester-Clark County Parks & Recreation reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel those memberships. 

Price List 

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15 Wheeler Ave Winchester KY 40391